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General Business Operation Conditions and Terms for the Tourist Agency SANCTA MARIA REGINA P&A j.d.o.o.



These travel conditions are an integral part of the travel arrangements program, and therefore the Payment Confirmation and the Agreement on an Organized Touristic Arrangement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) concluded between Sancta Maria Regina P & A j.d.o. (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”) and the beneficiary of the service or the person making the trip (hereinafter referred to as the “Traveler”), i.e. a travel contractor who concludes a contract with the Agency in favor of a third party as a passenger (hereinafter: The Contractor). All terms that are mentioned in these General Terms, and begin with a capital letter, have the meaning given to them in this General Terms. All reservations are subject to these General Travel Terms. All information and conditions in these General Terms and Conditions are binding on the Agency and the Contractor, unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.


Applications for the arrangement can be made at the Agency’s branch office, through authorized intermediaries, by providing the necessary information by fax, e-mail, telephone or over the Internet. The person making the reservation on behalf of the Traveler confirms that all persons named in the reservation are subject to these Terms and Conditions and that they are authorized to accept these Terms in the name of all the passengers mentioned in the reservation.

The person who made the reservation on behalf of the other Travelers by making an advance payment or paid the total amount of travel confirms that he/she is aware of the fact that the payment applies to all the passengers on that reservation and that the amount paid is distributed equally to all travelers on that reservation unless otherwise specified in the Contract and a confirmation of the payment, i.e. in writing before or after the payment itself. A person who has made a reservation on behalf of other passengers is obliged to inform all travelers of that reservation on the contents of the Travel Contract as well as these general terms and conditions.

The Contractor / Traveler is obliged to provide personal information and timely provide all documentation necessary for the organization and realization of the journey. The Agency was entitled to request and retain document copies if necessary for the realization of the trip. In the event that the Contractor / the Traveler fails to provide the requested information within the deadline and in the manner specified by the Agency, it is considered that he has waived the Contract. The Contractor / Traveler is responsible for any damages caused to him or the Agency due to incorrect and / or incomplete data or documents. In the case of a paid and confirmed arrangement, any change in the date or the name of the passenger shall be paid according to the current price list and company rules.

Based on the received application, the Agency will offer the Contractor / Traveler a contract that is deemed to have been concluded and binding after signing it by the Contracting Parties or in some other way clearly confirming its consent (Internet, fax, e-mail, credit card number) and produces legal effects when the Agency receives the appropriate payment by the agreed deadline.

In order to confirm the reservation, the Contractor / Traveler is obliged to make an advance payment of at least 30% of the total price of the arrangement (unless otherwise specified in the program). The remainder to the total price of the package is paid no later than 14 days before the start of the trip (unless otherwise stated in the program) or documentation for the unsubscribing of the total price of the package. If the Contractor / Traveler fails to make the remaining amount of the Arrangement within the foreseen time frame, it shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the reservation and the Agency shall be liable according to the Travel Traveler’s cancellation conditions. The advance payment shall be included in the travel price. If the Agency is not able to confirm the booking for which the advance payment has been paid, the paid amount will be returned to the payer in full.

By accepting the offer and executing the payment (partial or total amount), the Contractor / Traveler acknowledges that he / she is familiar with the content of the Travel Plan and the Travel Terms and Conditions, and accepts them in their entirety. The reservation will be completed and valid only when the Agency confirms and sends the account to the Contractor / Traveler or authorized intermediary through which the Contractor / Traveler has made the reservation. No Contract is valid without a cash deposit, that is, the execution of a partial or total payment, without which neither the payment receipt nor the account confirming the reservation will be issued.

For “booking on a fixed request” (certain arrangements where only a binding reservation is possible) an advance payment is made according to the price list of the responsible organizer. The Agency will not accept the booking of a reservation on a fixed inquiry without any payment made. If the Contractor / Traveler fails to accept a confirmed reservation made on his request, the Agency shall retain the amount paid to cover the cost of the reservation. If the Agency is unable to provide a reservation for the requested arrangement, the full amount of the payment will be returned to the Contractor.


The prices of the arrangements are published in Croatian Kunas and are valid from the moment of publication. The prices of the arrangements are variable over time and are subject to various actions to fill the remaining vacancies. Arrangement prices after reservation, travel arrangements and payment arrangements are fixed and are in no way subject to change except in the event of changes to the content of the arrangement itself. By Paying a Travel – the Contractor confirms that it is aware of the fact that the price for other passengers may be changed by subsequent actions and promotions that affect the price. Informative prices of tickets and other on-site payments posted on pages (which are of informative nature only) do not have to match the prices on the spot in the destination where the traveler resides, which are of a variable nature and any possible difference in the price can not be the subject of objection.

The content of the arrangement, i.e. the price of the arrangement, includes what the Agency has stated in the travel program. The price of the arrangement, if not otherwise stipulated in the Contract, usually includes transportation, accommodation, travel organization costs and statutory insurance (liability and guaranty). If specifically stated in the “Price Includes” segment, the price may include the service and cost of an expert local guide, additional meals, excursions etc. The price of the arrangement generally does not include, unless otherwise agreed: airport fees, costs of obtaining and issuing visas, tickets for objects and sights to be visited, sojourn tax, additional meals not included as included in the price, excursions not included in the “Price Includes” segment, and in the travel program are specifically referred to as “excursions” and all non-compulsory contents. Additional and special services (such as transfers, extra meals, special diet, optional excursions, professional local guidance, tickets, visa, vaccination, travel insurance, tips, supplement for single room, etc.) are included in the price only if it is expressly stated in the “Price Includes” program, otherwise the Contractor / Traveler you must emphasize it and order it and pay it when he / she signs up. Optional and special services requested by the Traveler during the travel period shall be paid to the tour attendant or to the organizer’s representative in the currency of the country in which the service is provided. For Services Paying on the Site – the Traveler submits a possible objection directly to the Service Provider, and the Agency is not liable for the service, regardless of assistance in obtaining the service. For the on-site surcharge, the price published in the travel program is informative and subject to change.

The Agency reserves the right to increase the contracted price of the arrangement if, after the conclusion of the Agreement, the currency exchange rate changes or the increase in the price of services constitutes an arrangement, and in particular the increase in the price of transportation, including fuel, toll and the like, The Agency may notify in written or oral the price changes of the Contractor / Traveler. The Contractor / Traveler is obliged to accept the increase of the agreed price by up to 10 % (the increase is calculated on all parts of the payment). In case that the Contractor / Traveler terminates the Contract due to the increase in the price less than 10 % of the total price of the arrangement, then the Contractor / Traveler’s cancellation conditions apply. If the contract price increases by more than 10 %, the Contractor / Traveler has the right to waive the arrangement, without any compensation for damage, if he or she notifies the Agency in writing within 3 days of receipt of the notice. If he / she fails to submit its waiver to the Agency in writing and within such period, it is considered that he/she agrees with the change of the price. In the case of airline tickets, airline fees are subject to change until the day of issue of airline tickets. In the event of an increase in the aviation fee, the Contractor / Traveler is liable to bear the cost of the difference in price.


The offered accommodation capacities within the program are described according to the official category of the country in question, at the moment of issuance of the program. We emphasize that local categorization in different countries differs significantly. Food, comfort and other services offered by hotels / suites are under the supervision of local tourist authorities, and the standards of accommodation and services are extremely different and not comparable. The location of a hotel that can be listed on the website of the Agency can be defined within a kilometer distance from the city center (where the city center is defined as the area maximum 2 km from the main city square) or in the minutes of travel to the city center (which means the available public transport distance in minutes, as defined by the Google Maps application). The Agency will provide the travelers with final notice (to be sent to the email no later than two calendar days before departure) to inform the exact hotel where they will be located and any objections to the categorization or location of the hotel must be delivered to the agency before their departure – subsequent complaints, use the provided accommodation service, will not be appreciated. Breakfast service, if contracted, can vary greatly depending on the destination, the customs and the level of quality and the service of a hotel, and the Agency in no way assumes responsibility for the quality or content of the breakfast. The Agency reserves the right to change the hotel, provided the hotel is in the same or higher categorization.


If the Contractor / Traveler has not explicitly contracted a room, apartment or cabin of specific features, he / she will accept any officially registered accommodation unit for issuance in the facility described in the travel program. Unless otherwise agreed, accommodation is included in double rooms with separate or matrimonial beds. The traveler is obliged to abide by the rules of the accommodation units regarding the time of commencement of the use of rooms, apartments, cabins, etc., and the time of their departure, otherwise the Traveler will bear any additional costs. Entry into the accommodation unit is usually between 14 and 20 hours, and it is usually necessary to leave until 10 hours on the day of completion of the service, unless otherwise specified for the individual accommodation capacity. Arrivals after 20 hours must be announced in advance, unless otherwise indicated. In case of arrival or departure from the accommodation unit, which does not coincide with the stipulated time of arrival and departure of the accommodation unit, the Agency will try to provide an appropriate luggage storage and storage room, but can not guarantee the fulfillment of such request. If possible, the Agency will try to meet the previously announced Contractor / Traveler’s additional accommodation request (room fitting, room orientation, floor, pet, extra beds, cot etc.) but can not guarantee the fulfillment of such request or the amount of the allowance if the same is determined by the accommodation facility. If the traveler contracts a triple or twin room at the hotel, we emphasize that the hotel can provide a double room with an extra bed for a third person, and the quality and shape of an extra bed depends entirely on the hotel. The Agency shall in no case be held liable for any issue of additional bedding quality, and any disagreement on the part of the passenger arising out of such reasons may not be the subject of an objection. The Contractor / Traveler concludes the agreement by concluding the Agreement and fully accepts the published offer and program with all its elements, and disclaims any further objections and complaints.


The Agency is obliged to take care of the implementation of services described by the travel program and the choice of service providers with the care of a good businessman and to take care of the rights and interests of the Traveler in accordance with good practices in tourism. The Agency shall provide the Traveler with all the services specified in the Travel Schedule and issue the appropriate documentation for the paid trip. The Agency shall exclude any liability in the event of changes or non-performance of services caused by force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disturbances, weather disasters, intervention by competent authorities, traffic accidents and the like) and due to delays in transportation of the carrier positive regulations and international conventions. In these cases, the Agency is not obliged to pay the additional costs of the Traveler. The Agency is not obliged to provide services beyond these Terms. The Agency is not responsible for any errors that may arise when announcing a travel program.



The traveler is obliged to arrive in time for the trip and no later than 10 min. before scheduled departure. If the Traveler does not arrive at the scheduled time of departure, the Agency is entitled to start a journey without that Traveler. The traveler is obliged to abide by the rules of the house and the rules of conduct in accommodation facilities (e.g. hotels, hostels, apartments, residences, private accommodation, etc.) or means of transportation and their procedures, without compromising the regular and unobstructed travel program. In case of dissatisfaction, the Traveler is obliged to express the dissatisfaction expressed exclusively and exclusively by the Traveler, in a discretionary manner, so as not to disturb the comfort of other passengers. The travel agency or tour operator will reasonably be able to divert the traveler’s discontent if possible without any adverse impact on the other passengers, scheduled time or travel program. If the Traveler in any way disturbs the comfort of other passengers or threatens the regular and uninterrupted travel of the travel program, the Agency, apart from the right to full compensation of material and non-pecuniary damage, has the right to interrupt the journey for that Traveler, in which case it will be considered that the trip was interrupted at the Traveler’s request. If in this case the Traveler is a minor or a child, the parent is obliged to accept the return of the child home or to come to his child at his own expense. The Traveler shall be liable for any damages incurred by the Agency, Carrier or Service Provider involved in the Package Schedule that would result from the Traveler’s failure to comply with his obligations.

The Traveler is obliged to have valid travel documents, to respect the customs and foreign currency regulations of the country in which he goes and the state through which he goes. In case of inability to continue the trip due to the Traveler’s violation of the regulations, the Agency has the right to continue the travel without a Traveler, and all incurred costs are borne by the Traveler himself. The Traveler is required to pay the costs of the arrangement in accordance with these terms.

The Traveler’s behavior must not compromise or disturb the safety, peace and comfort of other passengers in the group. The Agency reserves the discretion to refuse boarding to any Traveler who endangers or disturbs the safety and / or comfort of other passengers. The traveler is obliged to comply with the instructions and cooperate with the representative of the Agency. In the event of non-compliance with any of these obligations, the Contractor shall be liable to the Agency for any damages incurred.


Cancellation of the reservation / travel must be sent or delivered to the Agency in writing.

The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculating the cancellation costs that the Agency will charge to cover the losses due to the cancellation of the booking, according to the following scale:

European travels
up to 45 days before departure – 30 % of travel arrangement cost
45 – 30 days before departure – 40 % of travel arrangement cost
29 – 22 days before departure – 60 % of travel arrangement cost
21 – 15 days before departure – 80 % of travel arrangement cost
14 – 0 days before departure – 100 % of travel arrangement cost
after departure and “no show” – 100 % of travel arrangement cost.

When the costs actually incurred exceed those in the above scale, the Agency reserves the right to charge the actual costs incurred. The mentioned cancellation costs also apply to changes in the date of departure or accommodation, as well as any other significant changes. In case that the Contractor / Traveler terminates the travel due to weather conditions, the Agency will apply the above scale and will not accept the subsequent complaint. If the Traveler, upon his own request, interrupts the current voyage, he is not entitled to reimbursement of costs incurred due to early return to his / her place of departure. In the case of cancellation of a journey which is part of the transport by airplane and / or by boat, the terms of return of funds are defined by the terms and conditions of the air carrier or the shipping company. Oral cancellation The Contractor / Traveler is required to confirm in writing either by letter, fax or email. If the Contractor / Traveler fails to confirm the written notice of termination in writing, it shall be deemed that he has not canceled the trip. If 21 days prior to the departure of the Contractor / Traveler has not paid the balance or provided a non-repayable arrangement, the Agency considers that the Contractor / Traveler has waived the reservation without the possibility of refunding the advance payment paid.


Travel documents are considered documents that the Agency is obliged to hand over to the Contractor / Traveler who are required to realize a contracted trip (e.g. original voucher, travel program, airline ticket, eventual written notice and the like). All travel documents will be delivered to the Contractor / Traveler not later than 2 days prior to departure, unless otherwise stated in the travel program. To avoid any doubt, travel documents in the sense of the General Conditions do not constitute travel documents required by the Traveler for travel.


The traveler applying for the trip is obliged to obtain and possess valid travel documents at his own expense for the entire duration of the journey. The agency is neither responsible nor responsible for obtaining a visa, but it is the responsibility of the traveler himself. The Contractor / Traveler is solely responsible for not being able to make a trip due to lack of valid travel documents or if his application for a visa is denied. In this case it is considered that the Contractor / Traveler has canceled the trip and the Conditions of Cancellation by the Contractor / Traveler will be applied.

The traveler is obliged to respect customs, foreign currency and other regulations. If the Traveler can not continue the journey due to non-compliance, he / she will bear all the costs and consequences that arise. In case of theft or loss of travel documents during travel. The traveler will bear the costs of obtaining new documents as well as the costs that may arise from them. The Agency will endeavor to assist the Traveler in the event of theft / loss of travel documents, considering other travelers and the normal travel program.

The traveler is obliged to ensure that he personally, his documents and luggage meets the conditions foreseen by the visa, border, customs, health and other regulations, both the Republic of Croatia and the country to which he travels. The Agency shall not be liable for any decision by Customs, Police or other official bodies that allows the Traveler to enter or leave a country and in that case, apply the provisions of these General Terms relating to cancellation of a journey by the Contractor. Also, the Traveler is obliged to abide by the rules of the house in the catering and hotel facilities and cooperate with the representative of the Agency and the service providers in good faith. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the Traveler shall be liable for any damages incurred and the Agency shall be liable for any liability for such damages. In this case, the amount of damages paid by the Traveler to the owner of the facility (hotels, apartments, etc.).

All passengers who are not Croatian nationals and do not have Croatian travel documents need to inform the country of travel and the conditions to be fulfilled for travel to that country in advance of the arrangement’s payment, given the diversity of regulations applicable to nationals of certain countries. We recommend every traveler to be personally informed on the website www.mvep.hr and look at the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for travel to a particular country.
Non-valid travel documents, i.e. disapproval of visas resulting in the cancellation of travel, shall in no way be binding on the Agency and the terms of travel cancellation by the Contracting Authority shall apply. The Agency removes any liability for any damage that would result from disregarding the regulations of certain countries or which would cause invalid travel documents.


If the Traveler is planning to cancel the trip on a travel application, we recommend paying a cancellation insurance policy. See the enclosed general conditions for insurance. In the case of cancellation of the arrangement, the amount of the premium paid for the cancellation insurance shall not be refunded. Also, the cancellation of the arrangement does not pay the cost of obtaining a visa, despite the fact that the Traveler has paid the cancellation insurance. The cancellation policy must be agreed upon upon reservation and conclusion of the Travel Contract, and it is not possible subsequently to secure this insurance policy. The insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the value of the trip and according to the price list of the insurance company. Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, with the required written confirmation: military call, illness, death in the immediate family. In order to activate the cancellation policy, the amount of the arrangement must be paid in full. All cancellation conditions are listed in the insurance policy and are recommended to each passenger to read them personally. If the Traveler does not have a contractual cancellation insurance and must cancel the trip and has a certificate of military call, illness or death, the Agency reserves the right to pay under the terms of cancellation of the trip by the Contractor. Travel costs do not include accident insurance and travel illness, damage and loss insurance as well as voluntary health insurance. The Agency offers the Contractor / Traveler the option of a travel insurance package, and by concluding a Travel Contract, which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions, the Contractor / Traveler confirms that the insurance is offered to him.


Without any obligation to compensate the Contractor / Traveler, the Agency may cancel a travel due to force majeure that may occur before or during the voyage, as well as if the Travel is not reported by a sufficient number of Passengers identified in the Travel Schedule in which case the Agency is obliged to inform each and every Contractor / Traveler of a cancellation at least 5 days prior to the start of the arrangement, and must return the full amount of the agreed amount of the arrangement.
If there are any unforeseeable circumstances, which cannot be avoided or removed, the Agency has the right to modify the program. Accommodation contracted can only be replaced with accommodation in the hotel of the same or more category. The Agency reserves the right to change the day or the hour of a journey due to a change of the flight schedule or the occurrence of unforeseeable circumstances, the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions of travel change (change of flight, security situation in a particular country, weather conditions or other situations beyond Agency’s control) without compensation for damages, according to the applicable regulations in domestic and international traffic. The Agency does not take responsibility for changes due to unforeseen circumstances and Force Majeur, in the course of travel. In that case, it can provide services with regard to the given situation. If the Agency changes the travel program significantly before the start of the journey, it is obliged to notify the Contractor in writing. The Agency is not responsible for any errors in the program’s announcement, as well as for incorrect data entry by the operator on the web site.


Pursuant to the Act on Provision of Tourism Services, the Agency has concluded with the Insurance Company “Generali osiguranje d.d.” an Agreement, under contract number: 11- 7002762748, on liability insurance for damage caused to the Traveler by failing to fulfill its obligations, partial fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the package-arrangement related obligations as well as guarantee of tourist package arrangement no. 45-7002705373:. The Agency has concluded with the Insurer an insurance contract in the case of a payment inability or bankruptcy of the Agency for which the trip is not undertaken or for the reimbursement of the costs of returning the Traveler to the place of departure. In case of a secured case, the Contractor / Traveler needs to contact the insurer in the fastest way and provide the required documentation at the request of the Insurer.


For all arrangements where the Agency is the main organizer these General Terms shall apply, except where the Agency acts as an intermediary or is not the main organizer of the trip. For such arrangements, the Contract shall include the details related to the responsible organizer and the general terms and conditions of the responsible organizer will apply to it, and the Agency will not be responsible for the implementation of the touristic arrangements of other organizers. By signing the contract, the Contractor / Traveler fully accepts the program and the terms of the trip.


The Agency is not responsible for the destructed, stolen or lost luggage, nor for stolen luggage or valuables in the hotel (hire and use of safety vault is highly recommended) or in the means of transport. The Traveler shall send his/her report of any damage / theft to the transporter or shall report the damage or a theft at the reception of the accommodation facility.

The weight of the baggage that is included in the price of air travel arrangements depends on the airline company and will be specifically indicated in the final letter. The excess luggage is paid by the passenger to the applicable fare of the carrier. Children regardless of age are not entitled to free luggage transport in air transport. When traveling by bus, a passenger can take up to 2 pieces of personal luggage. Travelers are obliged to take care of their belongings, and they must take them with them when leaving the bus. Otherwise, the Traveler is liable for theft, loss or damage of things left in the buses’ cab without their supervision.


In the event that the Traveler has a complaint concerning the non-fulfillment of a particular travel program service, the Traveler is obliged to report any eventual complaint to the traveling companion to try to remove it on the spot. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted. We emphasize that it is in the interest of the Traveler to act in good faith and express the will to resolve the complaint during the journey.

The Traveler shall cooperate with the travel companion and the service provider in good faith in order to remove the causes of the complaint. If the Traveler does not accept the solicitation of the complaint in the same place, which corresponds to the contracted service by type and quality, the Agency will not accept the subsequent complaint of the Traveler nor is obliged to respond to it. If neither after the complaint of the service, the particular service has not been provided in a contractual manner, the Traveler is obliged to request written confirmation from the person who is obliged to perform the service properly and must submit it with his written complaint no later than 8 days after returning from the trip, otherwise the Agency is not obliged to take into consideration. Refunds upon travel without the enclosed certificate will be considered as unfounded.

Each customer shall submit his/her complaint separately. The Agency will not take into consideration group complaints. The Agency is obliged to make a written response to the complaint within 14 days upon receipt of the complaint. If it is necessary for the purpose of collecting information and checking the allegations in the complaint, the Agency may postpone the deadline for issuing the decision for another 14 days, and it is obliged to notify the complaining traveler in writing. The Agency will only resolve those objections for which the Traveler submits proof that he has sent a written complaint to the on-site service provider and that the cause could not be removed on the spot. If, due to the fault of the Agency, there has been a failure to complete the program or part of the service, the Traveler is entitled to a fee in the amount of the actual value of the unused services and cannot include the services already used and the total amount of the arrangement. While the procedure is in place, and within a maximum of 30 days after the complaint is filed, the Traveler shall irrevocably waive the mediation of any other person, arbitration of UHPA or any other institution, as well as providing information to the media. Likewise, during this time the Traveler waives the right to sue the Agency.

The highest amount of compensation for the complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and cannot include the services already used, nor the total amount of the arrangement. In all arrangements where the Agency acts as a sales agent for implementation, the travel agency organizer is responsible. In the case of a contract for “fortuna sistema” or “unvisited system” the Traveler has no right to object to the accommodation. The Traveler and the Agency will seek to settle disputes by mutual agreement, otherwise they will be settled by at the competent court in Zagreb, and the applicable law shall be Croatian law.



The Traveler provides personal information voluntarily. Personal Data of the Contractor / Traveler is used for the purpose of realizing a contracted trip, including the forwarding of personal data to third parties in the country and abroad, and to insurers if the Contractor / Traveler contracts the selected insurance through the Agency. The Contractor / Traveler agrees that his / her personal data may be used for the purpose of marketing activities of the Agency and further mutual communication. The Contractor’s / Traveler’s personal data will be kept in the Agency’s database.



The Agency reserves the right to lower the price of the arrangement and the application of marketing actions to improve the sale of the arrangement. Contractors / Travelers who have previously paid the arrangement have no right to refund the difference in the price of the arrangement.



These General Terms and Instructions for Tourist Arrangements are an integral part of the Contract, which the Contractor / the Traveler enters into with the Agency. By paying the advance or the total amount of the arrangement, the Contractor / Traveler accepts the program and the terms and conditions of the Travel and the Contract is valid and without the Signature of the Contractor.

These General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 09.09.2017.

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